Pinnacle Group Renovations is proud of our incredible vendors and trades that together make up our extremely talented and dedicated team. We are unified by our goal to create a positive and respectful working environment and are dedicated to delivering an unsurpassed renovation experience to our clients!

Digital Lifestyles Screen Shot 2010 07 04 At 12 18 32 Am 300x79is one such vendor that we have been working with over the past 3 years. We are all aware of the steady progression of technology and the incredible array of lighting, sound, home theatre and security products that can sometimes seem daunting. However, together with Digital Lifestyles, we help our clients discern the best possible digital solutions for their home renovation to enhance the comfort of their home, making it their favourite place to be!

Whether it’s fully automated lighting illuminating your home according to your watch, the entertainment a home theatre provides, impressive music packages with state of the art sound and control, the peace of mind a security system brings, or the convenience of a smart-wired home, Digital Lifestyles has the ability and experience to help our customers create a truly customized digital home environment.

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We recently had the opportunity to tour Digital Lifestyles showroom which they frequently update with the most leading edge, current technology solutions available to our clients and we were incredibly impressed as always! The variety of choices is amazing and we are certainly glad to have Digital Lifestyles on board to help guide our clients through this tech-savvy portion of their renovation.

Just in lighting alone – it is incredible how much has changed over the years.

Essentially, the lighting options that were once only available in upscale, luxury homes are now becoming common place. The cost of automated lighting systems has drastically reduced due to the ease of installation of new products and the decrease in hardware costs. Mike Dummer, at Digital Lifestyles reports that gone will be the day of the traditional on/off light switch; this will be driven by the incredible energy conservation offered by programmed dimming and the ability to create mood and accent lighting scenes that were not possible by the traditional light switch. Programmed dimming, allows you to run your lights at 90%, saving an incredible amount of energy without any noticeable difference in brightness at barely more than the cost of your conventional dimmers and switches. The concept of lighting a home has also changed from installing a single on/off circuit to the ability to customize and design your lighting scene determined by individual room requirements.

We will continue in future blog postings to provide information on additional exciting digital lifestyle solutions available to our clients when renovating their homes.