Would You Rather Stay In Your OWN Home vs
in a senior care facility?

We are so excited to announce this upcoming seminar entitled ‘MY FOREVER HOME’ for everyone that is, (or would like to be!) proactive about aging well; and aging gracefully in their OWN HOME!

Our guests for this educational seminar could include both children and parents. For children, it would be those who would love to see their parents live out a wonderful life in the comfort of their own home. For all those aged 55 and older, our guests would be those who want to seize control of their destiny as it relates to where they live past age 55!

This event will be held at Jerome’s Appliance Gallery

They have hosted many events like this over the years for all of us here at Pinnacle Group Renovations; this is our second such Seminar post-pandemic. Jerome and his entire staff can’t wait to spoil all of you for this amazing evening of fine delicacies by their Executive Chef, and also to share the latest technological advances with you in the luxury appliance world! In addition to being treated to Jerome’s Culinary delights, Pinnacle Group is excited to share an evening of education from some of Calgary’s top professionals surrounding the topic of ‘My Forever Home’! We invite you to RSVP quickly, as we have a very limited number of guests we can accommodate for this special evening.

Transform Your Living Space Into Your Dream Home:

Watch for a sneek peek into the My Forever Home Seminar's Exclusive Event!

Meet Our Panel

Group 1085


Paul and his wife Elaine have spent the past three decades renovating and building custom homes in Calgary and neighboring provinces. They have done that with a steadfast vision of serving families by providing the best possible Design & Build experience by first and foremost earning trust, and then delivering on their promises.

Promises like their proprietary SCC 3-Way Guarantee ensuring (S)tart date, (C)ompletion date and (C)osts are upheld, but also by creating and maintaining a culture over the years of positively affecting families that is embraced by both staff and trade partners alike.

Though Pinnacle Group Renovations embraces all renovation projects; Paul asserts; “We especially enjoy transforming homes for those either living with a disability or for those who are setting their home up for a successful ‘Forever Home’ by implementing Universal Design throughout their home. This simply means that you can now successfully Age in Place…we prefer to call this, living life to the fullest!

The aim for each member of the Pinnacle team is to have each family we serve experience our culture of utmost care and concern throughout their Design & Build journey. Our goal is for that to manifest from our initial meeting, all the way to the official ‘Project Turnover’ celebration; and hopefully by way of a true friendship for many years to come!

Though Paul volunteers on boards such as Adaptive Home Council, and tirelessly researches ways to improve on lifestyle enhancement for families of all ages, his favourite family group is his wife of 41 years, his four adult children, their spouses, and his five grandchildren!

Guest Speaker


Jacquelyn Poetker received her Masters in Social Work and a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology from Arizona State University. She has taught the issues of aging for the (now defunct) SAGE program at Mount Royal University and for the University of Calgary's Kinesiology Faculty. One of her specific interests is ageing-in-place...

And she was very excited when Pinnacle agreed to renovate the home she inherited from her parents following many of the principles of AIP.
Jacquelyn is married to John, and they continue to enjoy the renovation that will ensure that they can remain in their home.

Group 1084


Kathy began Proactive Seniors in 2016, because she saw the need to provide personalized and comprehensive guidance to seniors and their families, as they navigate through the challenges of maintaining health and independence, understanding their care and housing options and accessing support in a timely manner.

Having worked as a physiotherapist in Canada and the US, and then as a healthcare consultant to the provincial and federal health ministries, it became clear to Kathy that seniors were falling through the cracks because there isn’t enough focus on helping seniors stay well. One of the biggest barriers being the challenge of accessing information and support in a timely manner.

This is often summed up by the very appropriate phrase ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Proactive Seniors is a company designed to help fill the gaps in seniors care and support. They spend time to really get to know their clients so that they can provide advice, information and resources that are tailored exactly to their needs. By doing so, they help their clients make their best choices and decisions as early as possible. They help them find their unique balance between public, private and family support.

By being proactive instead of reactive, the team at Proactive Seniors can help seniors and their families have more confidence in the future, access the right care at the right time, and retain a high quality of life. Kathy states she feels grateful every day for the amazing, brilliant, and caring team of colleagues she has Proactive Seniors and the rewarding work of helping seniors and their families.

Outside of work Kathy enjoys time with her family, spending time outdoors, skiing, hiking and cycling.

Group 1079


Lisa has been working in cabinetry design and wood manufacturing for over 20 years; at Denca, Haworth, and SMED International. Making the practical beautiful has been the driving force in her career.

With a BFA in Art History, Lisa's focus changed from making art to making art with a factory floor, when she attained a Master’s degree in Environmental Design/Industrial Design. Sustainable, local and responsible manufacturing has been the guiding principle behind building beautiful interior spaces.

Group 1082


Valley to Peak provides customised occupational therapy services, including home accessibility, aging-in-place, wheelchair and equipment prescription, neurorehabilitation, mental health, ergonomics, and post-COVID assessment and treatment.

Since 2018, Owner and Occupational Therapist Catharine has worked daily in the urban and rural homes of her fellow Albertans, increasing their quality of life, independence, and safety. Covering an ~200km travel radius of Calgary, Catharine has developed an expansive network of trusted vendors, contractors, and healthcare providers.

In 2022 Catharine grew her team, which prides itself on assisting clients and their families to navigate the healthcare system and resources, and to provide peace of mind. Excellent services, including flexible weekend, evening, and virtual appointments, resulted in Valley to Peak being awarded the 2023 Consumer Choice Award for Southern Alberta, the 2022 Community Votes Calgary Platinum Award, and being rated as a top occupational therapy business (The Best Calgary, 2022).

With no referral necessary, Catharine looks forward to connecting with you directly to discuss your occupational therapy and Forever Home goals.

Group 1080


Rob Vanovermeire has been involved in the Real Estate Industry in Calgary and surrounding towns since 1999. He started out working as a buyers agent which allowed him to gain an understanding of real estate and leasing values. After 3 years of consistent hard work, he was invited to get involved with the Alberta Real...

Estate Association. He began working with a focus group offering advice to AREA on the content for various Real Estate Courses for their industry members. In 2005, he became an instructor for AREA and began teaching for Mount Royal University and CREB. He taught the “Real Estate Act of Alberta”.

In 2008, he came up with his own real estate brokerage and began implementing the marketing techniques he was teaching in his courses which proved to be invaluable. In 2014, he joined “Coldwell Banker”, the largest real estate company in the world.

Group 1081


Mike Dummer is the founder of Digital Lifestyles, a prominent Calgary based Smart Technology and Integrated Systems Provider, as well as Managing Partner of Longhorn Electrical Services. Throughout his extensive career, Mike continues to be a distinguished business strategist across different industries...

and has a keen ability to identify emerging trends and technologies. He has helped countless B2B clients integrate Digital Lifestyles’ award winning innovative solutions into their offerings, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage and strengthen their market position. Mike’s dedication to creating helpful, intelligent homes for B2C homeowner clients has firmly established Digital Lifestyles as a reliable, industry leader.

Additionally, he has played a pivotal role in raising awareness of the need to create accessible spaces and the possibilities for aging in place. He has been at the forefront of technological advancements in residential and commercial spaces that improve quality of life and increase autonomy for those living with disabilities and physical challenges. Mike’s dedication to giving back to the community is admirable as he consistently donates his time and resources to philanthropic activities. In collaboration with his team at Digital Lifestyles, he created the Digital Lifestyles Charity Concert Series, raising over $250,000 (net) for local charities that support those living with illness and disabilities.

Mike’s notable achievements and invaluable contributions to the international technology sector demonstrate his expertise and collaborative mindset that positively impacts his colleagues, clients, and the community at large.

Untitled 365 344 Px 2 1


Dave is a seasoned sales professional committed to excellence in the elevator industry, and he has worked hard to make his mark on the vertical transportation sector. His ability to understand the unique needs of each client and tailor solutions accordingly has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor...

He doesn't just sell elevators and lifts; he partners with clients to create seamless, efficient, and reliable transportation solutions.
Elevators and lifts are playing a key role in multigenerational living and aging in place. They enable you to move freely and safely around your home and increase the value of your property. Elpro Elevators and Lifts offers the widest selection for your new home or a renovation.