Logo Burst 1“With today’s aging population, professionals who specialize in healthy aging play a more important role than ever before. Aging-in-place is a concept that supports the choice of older adults to remain living in their preferred environment for as long as possible even if circumstances change. Physical environment, social and psychological support, and community resources affect aging-in-place. While the concept is increasingly gaining attention, services and supports to assist older adults to age-in-place continue to grow.” Mount Royal University, Studies in Aging

Paul Klassen is an active member of Mount Royal University’s S.A.G.E. Committee, and has been involved in forward-thinking group discussions regarding their Studies in Aging program. Coinciding with this revolutionary direction of study, Universal Design is a fresh concept that designs a home to meet, or anticipate the needs of an aging-in-place population as well as physically challenged homeowners. From discretely tracking when a homeowner gets up, to timing when they take their medicine, new technology allows family/caregivers to talk live with them at any time, and in emergency situations; caregivers are alerted automatically by phone or video monitors if a situation arises. Curbless showers, walk in tubs, stair lifts, personal elevators… the technological solutions available today to keep homeowners in their home as long as possible, or as long as they wish… are outstanding!

Pinnacle Group is extremely passionate about this movement because for many, there is simply no understanding of the looming tsunami of the Baby Boom population ‘coming of age’. The needs of this age group, both psychologically, physiologically; as well as the physical and health benefits of keeping homeowners in their home in their most beloved environment, are immensely significant on many fronts. Not only is the burden of Government housing and care greatly decreased by facilitating elongated occupancy in their homes, but the independence and mental /physical health of the homeowner is preserved as well. In many cases younger members of the family feel the need to move parents out of their home, and often it is the worst decision possible for their longevity. Not to mention the wonderful contributions that Grandparents make to their children’s families when they are afforded the benefit of living in their home of choice!

In a four-year analysis of aging-in-place, researchers found that the total care costs for participants were thousands less than traditional care options. Costs for living and health care never approached the costs for nursing homes and assisted-living services, and in addition, aging-in-place residents had improved mental and physical health outcomes. Science Daily

Respecting and serving this demographic by helping them stay in their homes longer, has an immense amount of gratification to the staff of Pinnacle. “Making Your Home Your Favourite Place to Be” is Pinnacle’s mantra, and as you get older, this becomes increasingly true. There are more reasons today to stay in your home than ever before, and with Pinnacle it is possible!

To read the study on aging-in-place as released by the University of Missouri-Columbia on March 7, 2011, please click on the link http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/03/110307124816.htm

To view Mount Royal’s SAGE Video Presentation, including an interview with Paul, please click on the link below. http://breeze.mtroyal.ca/p79267592/