What Our Clients Are Saying About Pinnacle Group

At Pinnacle Group, transparency is extremely important in our ongoing relationships with our Clients. Long before you have made your choice in Builder, we work hard to gain your trust and provide you with the very best Pinnacle experience.

We believe that in order to build genuine confidence in your choice of Pinnacle as your Builder, we need to let you hear from past Clients who have entrusted their home project to Pinnacle as well as see inside these projects.

We go beyond just providing references to our Clients. Since 2004, Pinnacle Group has hired Client Insight Inc.™ a Calgary-based, 3rd party assessment/survey Company, to perform post-project Client satisfaction interviews to measure the results.

Client Insight works with businesses of all disciplines in bringing unbiased, in-depth, 3rd party survey results. Today, we can confidently say that these third party assessments have become an integral part of Pinnacle’s business process, providing a crystal clear understanding of our Clients’ experiences.

Leaving no stone unturned, the assessments provide the opportunity to continually improve and enhance Pinnacle’s build process, keep management informed and ensure quality and excellence. The Client feedback in many ways drives project completion and enhances Pinnacle’s corporate culture. As well, the results are used for training Employees, Suppliers and Trades.

We publicly share our findings as our Client Surveys accurately reflect what makes Pinnacle unique and we wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to provide this transparency. It is our position that there is no better way for a future Client to gain insight, build trust and even be inspired then by allowing them a glimpse into the Pinnacle experience directly from the Voice of past Customers. These assessments offer a true to life synopsis of our projects gathered from our Clients’ perspective. Our hope is that by sharing these results with you, you will truly realize our commitment to providing the very best Renovation or Custom Build experience possible!

In addition to this, we feel that opening the doors to our projects is essential in your understanding of our level of commitment to creating the very best Renovation or Custom Home Build!

Finally, we conduct Client video interviews as they are a great tool to connect you with past Clients and hear first-hand, in their own words, what influenced their decision to choose Pinnacle as their preferred Builder and find out what they have experienced! These videos are not scripted and provide a genuine response from our Clients.

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