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After a stressful and gruelling day at work, you deserve to unwind at home, in a relaxing space that you can call your own. The right basement renovations company can help you properly determine how to create the perfect environment for your family’s needs that supports a technology-enhanced lifestyle.

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Determining what you want out of your entertainment room requires knowing how you want to use the space. Will the entertainment room double as a lounge, will you watch movies, listen to music, play virtual and board games, set-up your own instruments, or simply read?

Home or Room Upgrade

Transforming a space into an inspirational entertainment room isn’t difficult with the help of renovation companies in Calgary. Calgary has an array of stores that sell audio and video equipment to amplify your media files and create a cinema-like experience. However, it is recommended that you postpone buying technology solutions such as surround sound equipment while you’re still in the negotiation stage of your planned renovation. Companies like Pinnacle Group have processes and systems in place that can facilitate the right choice in technology solutions to meet the structural and esthetic needs of your renovation. Integrating your technology requirements is a key component of Pinnacle’s Design Discovery stage of planning and their partners at Digital Lifestyles are a key part of the collaboration process that can provide you with the knowledge and solutions necessary to properly meet your needs.

Site Selection

There are a number of considerations in choosing a room or area in your home as the site of your new entertainment hub. According to an HGTV article by Terry Ulick, the prime element is space. The entertainment room should have ample space for a large-screen TV, a projector, a game console, surround sound speakers, an amplifier, power supply, control boxes for the digital or cable TV, and a Wi-Fi router. If you plan to have all these devices housed in one room, the room must be large enough to have furniture installed at a safe distance from the screen or speakers, to prevent eye or ear strain.

Once the site has been identified, leading Calgary renovation companies can help with creating the wiring diagram for the room. It is important that the wires are all located in an easy-to-access place and are sufficiently protected.


It would definitely be fun to watch movies or Internet videos, play games with your children, or jam with your teens in your brand-new home entertainment centre, but…can people elsewhere in the house hear it? The room must have few windows or doors to aid in soundproofing. This Old House writer David Seiter stresses that a carpeted room and leather seating may also suppress the sound. Ask your contractor what soundproof materials are an option to create a comfortable ambience.


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