Pinnacle Renovations | The Art of Efficient Home Storage Ideas in Calgary

Once you have a home to call your own, it becomes filled with everything that represents what you have achieved and your life’s journey so far. These items are an embodiment of your accomplishments, goals, and years of treasured memories.

This likely means you’ve spent years, perhaps decades collecting heirlooms and keepsakes of a life well-lived, in addition to all of the regular items that you use on a daily basis. Now, you may find yourself in short supply of home storage ideas, which means that unless you’re open to remodelling your small space, it’s time to consider how to maximize your available space.

At Pinnacle Group, we’re thrilled to help homeowners discover the transformative magic of modern storage solutions – balancing functionality and aesthetics to keep everything you need and want within easy reach.


3 Different Home Storage Ideas

There are many options to choose from when enhancing your home storage space. Each carries its own appeal and charm, designed to cater to the unique needs of your home and lifestyle:

1) Simple Additions

These are subtle yet impactful additions to your home, requiring nothing more than the ability to purchase and set them down where desired. Think of nightstands by your bedside, corner cabinets nestled seamlessly within a dining room, and portable hollow benches waiting in the front porch area. The beauty of these additions lies not just in their functionality, but also in their adaptability; they’re easily installed and changed without leaving a lasting mark. They’re the perfect companions for a home that evolves as gracefully as you do.

2) Minor Modifications

A touch more deliberate, these modifications offer an opportunity to sculpt your space with purpose: floating shelves that elegantly enhance feature walls; overhead lifts that keep seasonal items out of sight in your garage; or hooks that elevate your favourite plants to a more convenient height. Anchored to walls or suspended from ceilings, these enhancements require a bit more planning – but the efforts are relatively small for abundant and rich aesthetic rewards.

3) Renovations

Picture recessed shelves that gracefully frame your memories, built-in closets to keep your spaces clean and uncluttered, or custom kitchen cabinets that blend artistry with utility. While these modifications require more significant commitments of time and money, they offer many more possibilities to reshape your living space. Here, the guidance of professionals becomes critical to success, and there’s no better way to ensure proper execution of your home storage ideas than to reach out to Pinnacle Group for a consult.

What’s the best way to make more storage space?

The path to more storage is as diverse as homes and homeowners themselves. It’s a choice influenced by layout, budget, and items to store. For example, consider the different approaches required for someone wanting all-new kitchen cabinetry for dishes and appliances, and someone who just needs an extra shelf or two within reach of their bathtub. At Pinnacle Group, we take all of this into account to ensure your vision becomes a reality – so contact us today and let’s craft your ideal storage solution together.


Creating More Storage Space in Your Home

There’s an art to enhancing your home with storage solutions that simultaneously offer space and the most fitting aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the most common and clever ways to infuse each room with purpose and every corner with a tasteful efficiency.

Increasing storage space in bedrooms

    1. Consider a bed with storage below: Beds take up a lot of floor space, which makes them an excellent place for drawers and storage space underneath. This is an ingenious solution that enables you to transform otherwise dormant space into something more useful and accessible. Stow away seasonal décor, spare bedding, or important items that you need to keep close at hand but out of sight.
    2. Recessed drawers: Elevate your bedroom’s aesthetics and functionality by integrating recessed drawers into spare wall space. Doing so requires some careful planning to work around structural beams and utilities, but when done correctly, these flush drawers seamlessly blend into your bedroom’s design and create an elegant finish that does not interfere with any of your limited floor space. For many homeowners, this is an effortless and wonderfully functional storage option.
    3. Closet organizers: Simple but effective, you can free up a lot of space in any closet by investing in the right organizers. These can be hanging shoe racks, a cabinet with shelves and divisions, or  a movable shelving system that rolls back into the wall, with its own dedicated lighting and custom design. The ultimate choice is up to you – the possibilities are endless!

Better storage in bathrooms

    1. Additional cabinets or shelving: Filled with small items, many bathrooms suffer from clutter problems that resist all attempts at organization. Why not get some help with extra shelves, racks, and freestanding cabinets? Choose a colour and material to match the overall style of the rest of the room, and free up vital counter space by expanding vertically. There are thousands of exceptional options available, ready to suit any and every taste, and many of them require little to no modification of your home (other than perhaps a few screws).
    2. Corner cabinets: Often overlooked, corner cabinets can unobtrusively blend into the room’s décor while offering open and hidden space alike. Larger units can offer many cubic feet of extra storage, which can be quite useful for extra linens, cleaning supplies, and other materials. You can even create a custom piece for installation if you have your own design idea in mind.
    3. Recessed Shower Nooks: Sometimes, you may simply wish you had a little bit of extra space for toiletries within reach of your shower. So, elevate your daily routine with both convenience and aesthetics – why not install a sleekly recessed shower nook? These discreet alcoves provide both style and service, and you can say goodbye to cluttered shower shelves and knocked-over bottles. If you have the ability, you can even create full-scale, in-wall shelves to hold spare towels and any other item you and your guests may need. It’s one of the most stylish ways to stay organized.

Kitchen storage solutions

    1. Corner drawerscan revolutionize available storage by utilizing often overlooked corner spaces, and eliminating the usual challenges of accessing items in deeply recessed corner cabinets. These drawers are designed to pull straight out, providing easy and ergonomic access to the items inside. They’re a must for true organization and to maximize your square footage for appliances, dishes, utensils, and more.
    2. An appliance garage: If you’ve never heard of an appliance garage, you’ve been missing out on a popular new trend that streamlines your kitchen’s aesthetics and space-saving utility. These are small, recessed, and closeable cabinets built in to the end of a countertop, where appliances like toasters, blenders, and mixers can be discreetly stored and hidden away. When the door is closed, you might not even notice the panel is there!
    3. Deep cabinet organizers: It seems like every kitchen has some version of the unusable deep cabinet drawer – one that is basically inaccessible due to corners, depth, or layout. So, one of the simplest ways you can optimize your storage space is to incorporate something that lets you use what’s already there. Rotating surfaces (a.k.a. lazy susans), motorized pulldowns, or gliding shelves can turn these difficult spaces into yet another place where you can store your everyday kitchen items.

Storage in living rooms and dining areas

    1. Built-in shelves and seats: Infuse your living and dining areas with a dash of enchantment and purpose through the artful integration of built-in shelves around a seating area. Picture a cozy reading nook, lit up by a nearby window or fireplace, adorned with elegantly designed shelves – each one filled with cherished mementos, books, and neatly organized boxes. Designing a room this way doesn’t just give you plenty of storage space; it also provides endless charm and relaxation.
    2. Hutches and other racks: A well-made and well-placed hutch can transform a space, drawing the eye to the sturdy design and craftsmanship instead of the many items it can store. These pieces of functional art, and other similar racks and small cabinets, are the perfect place to store high-value dishes, glassware, or collectibles within visible or concealed compartments that can nonetheless be used at a moment’s notice.

Storage options for garages and entryways

    1. Storage benches: These hollow benches are a mainstay of modern design, welcoming guests to your home and offering a seat while simultaneously hiding otherwise messy items. Perfect for entryways, porches, and outdoor balconies, they’re a convenient place to store seasonal wear, spare materials, and items for your vehicle or garden – all without intruding on your available space. If you’re looking for something quick and effective, don’t skip out on these dual-function gems.
    2. Overhead lifts and shelves: Unleash the full potential of vertical space in your garage by installing an overhead shelf or motorized lift. Many people struggle with oversized sports gear, totes full of spare parts, or items you only need a few times a year; putting it all overhead and out of mind is not only the logical solution, but an easy one as well. Plus, you can choose from different types depending on your needs – platform lifts, bike lifts, hanging shelves, and so on.
    3. Pegboards and racks: A must for sheds and garages where cabinets may not fit, pegboards and racks are an elegantly simple solution that organizes and preserves your equipment while keeping it near at hand. Hang large tools like rakes or shovels, wrap up extension cords and hoses, keep your gardening materials in one place, and so much more – all in a customizable layout that can change as you need it to.


Finding Help With Home Storage Solutions in Calgary

The journey towards executing the most efficient home storage ideas has many different routes to take – so, as you think about your options, remember that the expertise of Pinnacle Group is at your service. Our team is dedicated to turning your dreams for your home into elegant and practical realities; whatever your ultimate Calgary storage solutions aspirations and desires might be, we’re here to guide you.

Together, let’s craft a home that considers your lifestyle, captures your family’s essence, resonates with your needs, and of course, evolves with you and only gets better as time goes on!